Taling Chan floating market is placed just few km outside Bangkok. In this market, tourists can get everything they need. To finish the tour to explore it, you have to take a half day.

Visiting this market, you can have chances to enjoy great seafood lunch sitting on the floor together the locals. Thanks to this, you will be close to the residents here and get more knowledge of the lifestyle, customs and culture of them. Even, you also have to pay about a 100 baht to ride a long tail boat to explore nearby klongs or enjoy foot massage under the trees. All things surely makes you feel excited and relaxing.

Floating markets have lured a lot of foreign tourists and Thai people. These markets have tendency to form at weekend. There are a variety of food you can learn and buy when visiting them. They become more popular day by day. Visitors had better bring their camera to keep interesting moments.

Especially, eating by the river is actually an interesting experience in floating market. Refreshing fishes can be grilled on their little boats. Guests will probably soak up in the exotic atmosphere, a group of Thai traditional musicians play for few hours adding a real nice touch to the entire experience.

It is great thing to pass by temples and witness the life of people living by the water and you will sympathize with the difficulties the locals are suffering. Plus, you will be astonished by the good characters of Thai people. To finish your day trip, you can take easy by enjoying massages under the trees for 200 baht for an hour. However, the perfect day to start your journey is around 10:00 in the morning when you can the heat and the crowd. And remember to exchange your $ into cash or baht if you wish to purchase because no one accepts credit cards.

Taling Chan floating market is worth visiting to broaden your knowledge about the customs, lifestyles of Thai people.

Written by
Carilynne Bentley